Month: 二月 2015

【原创】how to find English subtitle with Splayer

I want to find some subtitle with Splay, but I find that it can only find Chinese subtitle or Chinese-English subtitle files, Baidu told nothing useful information to me.

so I trying to find my answer, finally I got the tips. just press the right button of your mouse in Splayer, and go to 界面-language , change the language to English.

And then go to subtitles -smart subtitle matching , choose smart subtitle finder, so we can have pure English subtitle, enjoy it !

【原创】Windows 10 笔记


貌似Win+ Space才是切换输入法,虽然Ctrl+Space有时候也可以用


任务视图:Win + Tab(松开键盘界面不会消失)

创建新的虚拟桌面:Win + Ctrl + D

关闭当前虚拟桌面:Win + Ctrl + F4

切换虚拟桌面:Win + Ctrl +左/右